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Gear4music (Holdings) plc

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Our products

At the year-end we listed over 37,000 products from over 700 manufacturers.

Branded Products

Gear4music has developed long-term partnerships with many well-recognised brands within the music products industry, who rely on the specialist product knowledge of Gear4music’s staff, the high standard of customer service that Gear4music provides, and the high standard of presentation both online and at the Gear4music showrooms.

Own-brand Products

On-going development of Gear4music’s own-brand product range has been a focus since was launched in 2003, and now covers a wide and varied range with over 2,400 product listed.

  Gear4music All
  Archer String Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Violas & Double Bass
  Redsub Bass Guitar Amps & Pedals
  SubZero Guitars, Amps, Mixers, Speakers & Audio electronics
  Minster Digital Pianos
  WHD Drum Kits
  Rosedale Woodwind Instruments: Clarinets, Flutes, Oboes & Piccolos
  Coppergate Brass Instruments: Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas & French Horns
  Playlite Lightweight instruments