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At a glance

Gear4music is an online retailer of musical instruments and music equipment, operating 20 websites in 15 languages and 9 currencies.

Gear4music is the largest retailer of musical instruments and music equipment in the UK. Launched in 2003 by Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wass, revenue has grown quickly from £12m in FY13 to over £157m in FY21.

The Group operates from a Head Office in York with showrooms and distribution centres in York, Sweden, and Germany.

Gear4music sells own-brand musical instruments and music equipment alongside well-known premium brands including Fender, Yamaha and Roland, to customers ranging from beginners, to musical enthusiasts and professionals. The Group has been selling into Europe since 2012 and across the Rest of the World since 2017.

Gear4music invests in developing a bespoke e-commerce platform, with multilingual, multicurrency and fully responsive design websites localised to 19 countries, to rapidly expand the customer database, and build an increasing overseas presence.

The Group retails 57,900 SKUs across all major musical instrument and equipment categories, sourced from over 900 manufacturers, and range from £1 kazoos to digital pianos, drum kits and guitars costing thousands of pounds.

  1. Track record of success - long term revenue and market share growth
  2. Bespoke and proprietary e-commerce platform delivers competitive advantage
  3. Specialist knowledge facilitates strong relationships with customers and suppliers
  4. Well-developed and wide-ranging product ranges
  5. Efficient logistics system